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Welcome to Tracy's TMAWA Warrior Army Fan Group! Join our community of dedicated fans who share a passion for TMAWA Warrior Army and its epic missions.
 Connect with fellow enthusiasts, discuss your favourite characters and storylines, and stay updated on the latest news and events. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the world of TMAWA Warrior Army, there's a place for you here to celebrate the epic adventure together!

To Join/subscribe to our fabulous fan group all you need to do is just click one of these links both for the Uk or  International payments  and follow all the instructions to set up your subscriptions to this unique fan group for fans : These subscriptions  are used for pledges to charitable organisations we choose to support along with to form an ongoing   fund pot with a huge percentage which makes special gifts for members... extra random acts of kindnesses other than what Tracy gives personally, tickets, merchandise and  meet and greets amongst many of the gifts that could be possibly gifted,  which we as a group and Tracy personally has given a fair amount away already to members ........ a small percentage is used for admin, platform costs, website costs, organisational costs and  postage.

**All subscriptions can be cancelled at your own discretion at any time...... however all membership of the group will seize immediately ...... No refunds will be given as per rules agreed to at the time of requesting to join the group.
**Please read our T&Cs page with all our business policies and statements available to you if you wish to read them before you subscribe which I suggest you do.

**Please see our separate Commercial Participator agreement arrangements we have with given charities at this present time.... all of our campaign/s are being facilitated via Work for Good.

*for illustration purposes....:

Commercial Participator Agreement between Tracy Taylor-Scott and Samaritans
£100 of Sales from Subscription membership payments at TMAWA group from 1st May 2023 to 31st May 2023 will be donated to Samaritans via Work for Good

Commercial participator Agreement between Tracy Taylor-Scott and Shooting Star Children's Hospices
50% /£150 of subscription payments from Subscription membership payments at TMAWA group from 10th April 2023 to 30th April 2023 £150.00 will be donated to Shooting Star Children's Hospices via Work for Good....Now Paid to Shooting Stars via the Work for Good Platform 03 May 2023.

Commercial participator Agreement between Tracy Taylor-Scott and The Music Man Project UK £150 of This donation comes from the sale of subscriptions of TMAWA Ltd This will be donated to The Music Man Project via Work for Good between 26 April 2023 to 24 May 2023 and will be paid by 31 May 2023 via Work for Good platform.

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~We are truly international too .... so if you are outside the UK do please send us a message and we can get an international link to you straight away for your country if you require anything different to what is above and get you started on your wonderful warrior journey.

Once your subscriptions are set up..... that's part of the wonderful funds we randomly gift to the members.

Then click this link to join our unique amazing facebook support fan group which is a private closed group so a safe haven for all and become a member of our ever growing Warrior Army for good making a huge difference for the members.

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