Tracys Inspirational warriors is now live...... "If only you knew my story" image Tracys Inspirational warriors is now live...... "If only you knew my story" image
📢🔈✨I have been keeping something very special under wraps 😅✨

But now I am so excited to share with you All 🙏🙏💛
I have been waiting for this day to come 😅🙏🙏
**Please do kindly read right to the bottom 🙏🙏🥰 to find out All the details.... because you May be interested 💛🙏💛

"I have launched my Very own Podcasts"...... 🎙️✨Tracy's Inspirational Warriors "If you only knew my story" ✨Coming to you "Now"🙏

This is not about me wanting a pat on the back.... Far from it 🙏It's about myself and others talking about our illnesses, journeys, family life, working life, grief, mental illnesses, and our journeys in life in general, what formed us to be A Warrior for good 🙏 as part of the podcasts, how Michael and Alfie and Even myself have formed part of that journey 🙏and May have been inspirational and motivational to you 🙏💛🙏

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It's not just for the TMAWA group this will be going out in to the wide wild world 🙏It's about life as Warriors and what forms us!! to be "Warriors"And will begin with a series of podcasts
" If you only knew my story"
1st one will be about me..... And how Michael and Alfie have formed part of it along the journey......

Then this will lead on to others sharing their stories too in up and coming podcasts .... Tracy's Inspirational Warriors ....who have gone through a lot in life to come out the other side to be Warriors!!

That's the way I wish it to go .... So this way it inspires others to talk 🙏🙏

All the podcasts will be available on most podcasts platforms.... Apple, Amazon, Google etc A new episode every week 🙏
And that's were you come in.... I am looking for people to come tell their stories..... on how Michael , Alfie or both have been part of your life and Even myself may have inspired and Even motivated you to become a "Warrior" and I don't mean just part of my fan group I mean *Warriors in life 🙏So anyone can apply 🥰
I want to hear your stories 🙏... No matter how varied I would love to hear about them 🙏🙏🥰

To apply just send me a message letting me know you are interested in taking part.... and a paragraph about yourself ..... and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Don't be shy 🙏 I am very approachable 🥰🙏This will be a totally different thing then what is presented on Facebook and social media ....These will be inspiring stories shared world wide with my niche at the forefront of the stories.

The people I will be ultimately presenting to will be very interested in people's life's stories 🙏 and how they have got to where they are now..... So the presenter.... I.e me has to have the knowledge and the link to the theme and the stories in question 🙏🙏

So that's where I come in.... I will be the lead presenter... interviewing the storytellers in my unique friendly kind knowledgeable way.... with a touch of humor thrown in too🙏 🥰

✨In a nutshell I am bringing the people to you in the hope I can inspire you.... and in return you may want to inspire others too.... and Even come and chat with me and share your life journey also 😅💛🥰

All podcasts will be professionally formatted and pre recorded ..... Shared to most platforms.

It's so exciting.... I have a lot to share.... And I bet you do too and I can certainly talk 😉😅🎉 Let your voice be heard ✨

Don't be afraid ✨ to give up the good to go for the great ✨Who's excited as me??.... Who's interested?....
Who would like to take part?....

Do let me know xx