"Warriors for Good" Come join us..... and be a "Warrior"..... supporting one another and doing good.... in a fabulous Unique support Fan Group

Welcome to Tracy's TMAWA Warrior Army
 A unique Support Fan Group for fans
So pleased to have you here...... be here in the knowledge we are here to do good and be safe!

Come join our support fan group.... where the love of Life brings us together... and where fun, caring, sharing and giving are a wonderful bonus

We are registered with Work for Good in all our fundraising activities which we achieve with our subscription's, in which we make pledges to charities through, please see our Business T.C's

~We are a subscription membership group, a small subscription payment which is just £4.99 per month..... or discounted if you subscribe for 6 months or longer.......... this goes to helping all the charities we support and our members ......... making a real difference to lots of peoples life's...... we are making a huge impact..... and you could be part of this too. ** please see our statement of works

What you receive as part of being part of a wonderful group of like minded people far outweighs the small subscription fee...... inspiration, motivation, support, caring people, empowerment, give-aways, freebies....mine and group random act of kindnesses the best posts and the most amazing fan group and so much more........ with me as the lead you sure are in for a fabulous time....

Another part of our ventures is to:

~We try to do wonderful acts of kindnesses for members too along the way, so don't confuse the subscription payment for any thing else other than making a difference to a persons life ......

~Plus We support Tracy in all her own individual fundraising endeavours

We will do anything to help if it is possible, plus your subscriptions go along way to helping many charities we pledge to support through The Work for Good platform...... so you are safe in the knowledge the subscriptions are being put to great use.

Warriors for Good
A Proposal from Tracy Taylor-Scott

*It has often been asked - what can I as a single person do to help. 
The answer - is a lot!

The old replies - a pebble tossed into a pond creates far-reaching waves; the flapping wings of a single butterfly can create a tornado somewhere in the world - still hold true, Imagine what many can do together?

What I am creating is a group of like-minded people whose aim is to help alleviate suffering, promote positivity, support one another and find a way for good to shine while in a very safe environment whilst enjoying one another's company, exclusive posts and having some fun along the way.

This group is offering for members such a lot for the small subscription fee, to be able to support one another, one to ones, competitions, acts of kindness, motivational, inspirational, funny things, games, guidance, information, trips, meetings, events as we grow, acts of random kindnesses, surprises, tips, giveaways ..... and lots of TMAWA stuff and quite of lot of very unique posts to the group too.... because that is what will bring us all together.

~I am building a safe site - no trolling, no ill-will, no gossip , no bullying, - where people can come together to do this in a very safe environment in deed while doing good, and being supported and supportive!

~The site is administered solely by me ultimately and a very small team of good admin i trust to build my warrior army.
There will be no grace period for violators of the site's code of conduct which you must agree too to become a member of this lovely group if you are removed because of a violation sadly no refund will be given.
I have at TMAWA a safe haven for all and that's why the no grace period is in motion.

While membership will most likely be comprised of fans , it is not just any fan club, with a very unique one of its kind support fan group for like minded people who enjoy everything that is too do good whilst supporting Tracy's incredible fundraising for amazing causes.

Tracy is picking from charities to do her own individual facebook fundraisers and other fundraising from time to time on several platforms when necessary .....
TMAWA support Tracy in her endeavours on an individual basis your donations as a member are not obligatory to any of Tracys own fundraisers you provide this at your own discretion and your own fundraising you do via facebook or other platforms is totally at your own discretion too....

Tracy /the group do not touch any of the monies these funds raised via individual fundraising, these funds go directly to the charities in question via facebook fundraiser platforms or other platforms too- these are often charities that TMAWA supports and also charities we support too along with some random ones i pick and and will raise funds for many of these when it is possible.

~There is a monthly subscription membership fee of £4.99, or you can purchase a 6 month or a 12 month subscription membership at a discount. **Please see our Statement of work

~The proceeds of which a nice percentage will act as an on-going endowment fund for the members and what we chose to do with the subscriptions as part of my-selves and a collective decision within the group... i.e make dreams come true for members, tickets, meet and greets, outings, random acts of kindnesses, extra funds to give to the charitable causes etc.
~Along with some small administration costs .. i.e postage, platform fees, website fees, insurances... organisational costs.
~And a good percentage of monies put into a special pot to give out random acts of kindness to members too.... as per meet and greet , tickets, merchandise .
~Competitions, gift giveaways, and lots lots more to make this a very special fan group in deed.
~ Plus many random acts of kindnesses given directly out of Tracy's own pockets too.

~"I absolutely loved doing the previous charity work it meant so much to me and that continuing the work helps me personally and I want to be able to share this with you members too if they so wish to support me at their own discretion so any support is very welcome".

~So with that in mind I will be having standalone fundraising opportunities too..... a chance to give if you can and support me but this is not obligatory this will be a long the lines of i.e separate facebook fund-raising where the funds go directly to the charities.... I/wedo not touch any funds.

~Throughout the year, there will be various opportunities to be gifted gifts- tickets to concerts, etc. - much like i have done with many of my random acts of kindness during many of my own giving, all whilst we can have some fun too in a safe place..... away from the bully's !! and as a group we can now share in all this giving too.

~Live giveaways.... with lots of wonderful gifts.... official merchandise.... tickets for shows, random acts of kindnesses etc

So Come join my Warrior Army fan group where you can feel safe in the knowledge you will be well looked after..... whilst sharing in the giving, caring and sharing.

To join you just need to click the links to begin your subscriptions then next you click the link to join the Tracy's TMAWA Warrior Army facebook fan group.... a closed/private fan group so you are in the knowledge what said in the group stays in the group!

I cannot wait to welcome you as part of my Warriors for good!

**For international persons... please contact Tracy Taylor-Scott T/A Tracy's TMAWA Warrior Army first via messenger services or via the contact page using our contact form......We then will issue you with the correct international payment link for your own country.

My  facebook fundraiser for TMAWA'S Chosen Charity Shooting star Children's Hospices did so well i raised £900 ....  all facebook fundraising funds  went directly to Shooting stars via the Facebook fundraising platform

I  also did a very quick facebook fundraiser  for children in need and raised £300.... all funds went directly to children in need via the Facebook  fundraising platform

I now have  just finished a fabulous facebook fundraiser  for chosen charity Samaritans  and I did so well....  £890....   every penny/pound counts to make a difference in saving life's ......all facebook fundraising  funds went directly to Samaritans via the facebook fundraising platform.


And o boy I have a brand new facebook fundraiser for charity Shooting Stars Children's Hospices..... just begun... and already I smashed my target within 5 hrs!......... and we are already at £1298.00....
This fundraiser is now closed.... I raised a lovely Total....£1553.00
if you wish to donate please follow the link below ...this has now ended.... all fundraising funds went directly to Shooting stars via the facebook fundraising platform

I have the most amazing new fundraiser ..... Was your heart melted by The Music Man Project UK ..... at the big night of the musicals?....Can you give a little? Let's help in any way we can 🙏🙏 ...... Let's make ✨ magical ✨ things happen 🙏I am hoping to raise as much as I can for much needed funds to make a difference 🙏 But I need a little bit of you're help to do this 🙏 And in return I will be giving away 1 random act of kindness to one very lucky person 🙏 And if you know My kindness by now you know it will be a good one✨👌🙏💛Will you help me? **All donations go directly to the Music Man Project ...no fees are taken by the site
Tracy or Tracy's TMAWA Warrior Army group do not touch any of the funds as they go directly to the project ✨👌


I have now had many Music Man Project fundraising campaigns all aiming to purchase a Mini Bus for the wonderful charity project.... we are already at approx £9000.00 raised inc of the just giving fundraiser above and the wonderful subscriptions from TMAWA!
this is the latest #UnityRipple

🚀 Launching the "Unity Ripple" Campaign! 🌊💙
Hello, wonderful friends and followers! 🌟
1703945677_copy_of_copy_of_copy_of_copy_of_come_join_me_in_helping_to_raise_wonderful_funds_to_help_purchase_mini_bus_for_the_wonderful_performers_of_the_music_man_project.jpgGet ready to be part of something incredible – the "Unity Ripple" campaign! 🚀✨ We believe in the power of small acts creating big change, and we invite each one of you to join this wave of goodness.
🌈 What is the "Unity Ripple" Campaign? It's a movement where each of us contributes just one unit of your currency (£, $, or €), (more if you are in a position to do so) creating a ripple effect of generosity and positive impact.

✨ How to Join:
Donate just one unit of your currency.
Share a post or video on my facebook page explaining why you joined and nominate three friends to keep the ripple going.

🎉 Engaging Content Ahead:
  • Stay tuned for inspiring stories of impact.
  • Live updates on our collective progress.
  • Heartwarming moments showcasing the difference we're making.

🏆 Let's Make it Fun:
  • We will be setting donation goals and celebrate achievements.
  • I will  and I encourage  you too to engage in friendly competition to see who can create the biggest ripple!
🙌 Spread the Word:
  • Use #UnityRipple to connect our stories.
  • Tag friends in your nomination posts.
🌍 Our Impact Goal: Together, we aim to fund the Mini Bus for The Music Man Project UK and leave a lasting mark on the world.
Ready to Dive In?
Click the link below to start your ripple and be part of this extraordinary movement:
Let's turn our small ripples into waves of positive change! 🌊💖
Thank you for being the incredible community that you are.
With love and gratitude, Tracy xx
P.S. Don't forget to share your journey using #UnityRipple #Minibuscampaign – let's see our ripple spread far and wide! 🌐

Donate here..... lets make a difference together


**I/We do not touch any of the monies on any of the facebook fundraisers or any fundraising platform i.e just giving or go fund, ....these funds go directly to the charities via the facebook fundraising platforms or applicable platforms ....... all donators donate at their own discretion.... there is no obligation on theirs or our behalf to donate and support any of Tracy's Fundraising endeavours.

**I/we are unable to be registered just yet with the Fundraiser regulator due to the infancy of our wonderful group and because I am an individual fundraiser, however I always Aim to abide by a strict code of ethics in all relations to all activities within our organisation and when the time comes I will apply to be registered ( p.s I have tried to apply already but due to these restrictions its not possible just yet along with me being the individual who is doing the fundraising)

*Please see our separate Commercial Participator agreement arrangements we have with given charities at this present time.... all of our campaign/s are being facilitated via Work for Good.**